A PTFE piston seal is ideal for most high duty cycle linear actuators, since it provides low friction and long service life.  PTFE piston seals are relatively low cost options, and due to the low friction of PTFE can almost eliminate stick-slip behavior in piston movement.  Please note, for proper use they must be used in conjunction with an O-Ring energizer.

Depending on the demands of your application, PTFE piston rings come in over 1500 different combinations of materials, cross-sections, cuts, and other special features. For material choices alone, there are over 10+ different options to choose from.  Among the most popular are 40% bronze filled PTFE, 15% glass filled PTFE, and 5% molybdenum disulfide (Moly) filled PTFE.

Applications: Reciprocating, slow rotary, slow oscillating

Materials: PTFE with numerous filling options, Lubrithane

Max Pressure: 5,000 psi

Temperature range: -65°F to +400°F

Max Velocity: 3.2 ft/sec

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PTFE Piston Seal