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T-Seals are designed to retrofit O-Rings, either in static or for their intended use in reciprocating applications. T-Seals construction consists of a basic T shaped elastomer, usually flanked by two specially fitted back-up rings.  Since T-Seals are designed to retrofit O-Ring grooves, they are available in different widths depending on the type of O-Ring, or O-Ring/back-up combination they are replacing.  One of the main advantages of the T-Seal is that the T base construction is highly resistant to spiraling during installation and operation.

Depending on the type of medium and internal pressure, there are many different types of materials available for both the elastomer T portion and the flanked back-up rings.  Please consult the material guide or contact RT Dygert for a better determination of what material is best suited for your specific application.

Features: Low Compression Set Elastomer, Rigid Back-ups, Square/Rectangular shape

T-seal Elastomer: Nitrile; Fluorocarbon; EPDM; HNBR  Back-ups: PTFE; Nylon; PEEK

Max Pressure: 5,000 psi

Temperature range: -65°F to +400°F

Max Velocity: 3.2 ft/sec

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