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PTFE Stem Washer Kit


RT Dygert Part Number: K240X12TEF

PTFE stem washers are primarily intended for use in industrial or commercial faucets that receive a lot of daily use. Replacement of a standard rubber washer with a PTFE washer will greatly improve the action, due to the low coefficient of friction of PTFE. Our PTFE stem washers also offer longer life, zero water swell, and superior resistance to high temperature and high mineral content water.

RT Dygert's Stem Washer Kit comes with 240 washers in 9 different standard plumbing sizes.  In order to help with sizing, a double sided card is included. The front side designates the dimensions and quantities included, while the reverse side shows a silhouette of each washer. All washers are 1/8" thick and have an ID of 3/16"

Material: 55 Durometer (Shore D) PTFE

PTFE stem washer sizes and quantities include:

20 pcs each: 000, 00, 3/8, 3/8L, 3/8M, 1/2
40 pcs each: 0, 1/4, 1/4L