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Ethylene-Propylene rubber is a low cost, versatile compound that functions well in both low and high operating temperature environments. Moderate to good resistance to a variety of chemicals make it the compound of choice for a variety of applications. EPDM's chemically saturated polymer chain accounts for its superior resistance to degradation. However, use is limited by its incompatibility with petroleum based fluids. EPDM can be cured with sulfur or peroxide, although applications with high heat requirements should use peroxide cured compounds. Peroxide curing also produces vulcanizates with superior compression set than that of the sulfur cures. Reinforcing agents are especially important in Ethylene-Propylene polymers because it lacks gum strength. Therefore, high tensile and tear properties are achieved through high loading. EPDM is a terpolymer, not to be confused with the copolymer EPM, which can only be peroxide cured due to its completely saturated polymer backbone.
Low density terpolymer of ethylene, propylene, and a small amount of diene.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES* Excellent Good Fair Poor
Abrasion resistance      
Compression Set      
Flame resistance      
Gas permeability      
Low temperature flexibility      
Tear resistance    
Tensile strength      

Alcohols •  
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE* Excellent Good Fair Poor
Dilute acids      
Dilute alkalis      
Hydraulic fluids (non-petrolueum based)      
Oxygenated solvents      
Petroleum oils and greases      

-60 to 250 °F

*Excellent, good, fair and poor are intended to serve as general guidelines only. Actual testing in the application environment is always recommended.