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A Wiper is a type of seal used to exclude contaminants from entering the cylinder. Besides direct wear to the rod seal, external contamination entering a hydraulic system can have disastrous consequences.  Contaminated hydraulic fluid can quickly wear out seals, clog filters, and damage machined surfaces. However, a wiper can induce a pressure difference between the wiper and the main rod seal, which can cause either the wiper or rod seal to be ejected from its groove.

RT Dygert sells many different kinds of wipers, from relatively low pressure solid nitrile wipers, all the way up to heavy-duty metal clad ones. Many are also available in a wide variety of materials depending on the type of fluid or operating conditions the wiper experiences.



These wipers are designed to retrofit old MS-33675 grooves. They’re typically numbered for the MS-28776 design guide. More


D Style

D Wipers offer Improved performance without wiper gland modifications. RT Dygert offers four styles. More


Metal Clad

A stainless steel spring energizes this wiper’s lip for heavy-duty applications and scraping environments. More


Dual Purpose

This wiper/rod seal combination can eliminate the need for both a rod seal and wiper, reducing costs. More