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RT Dygert provides several different packaging options to meet your requirements. Services offered include:

  • Part bagging:  We offer part bagging in your specified quantities.
  • Master pack bagging: Just like part bagging, RT Dygert also will produce master packs of smaller bags.
  • Kitting: Just in Time (JIT) kitting saves assembly time and overhead costs; this is accomplished by grouping all the required parts needed for a fluid power application together. An example of this would be the kitting of a hydraulic cylinder, in which  RT Dygert's kit includes all the necessary piston seals, rod seals, wipers, wear guides, and O-Rings needed. RT Dygert provides pre-production, as well as after-market kits to meet your specific needs and specifications. 
  • Customer specific Bag / Box labels and barcodes:  RT Dygert is capable of producing custom barcodes and labels according to your specific packaging requirements.