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Teflon® Encapsulated O-Rings combine the resilience and sealing force of an elastomer with the chemical resistance of Teflon®. They consist of an elastomeric core of Silicone or Viton™ with a relatively thin, molded encapsulation of Teflon® FEP or PFA polymer. This produces an elastomeric PTFE seal with maximum sealing capability.  FEP Encapsulated O-Rings are solvent resistant and chemically inert (except for attack by molten alkaline metals, fluorine and some halogenated compounds at high temperatures) yet they have an elastomeric memory near that of rubber O-rings. PFA offers improved mechanical and creep properties at elevated temperatures (up to 500°F)

FEP or PFA Jacket with Viton™ or Silicone Core

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES* Excellent Good Fair Poor
Abrasion resistance      
Gas permeability      
Tear resistance      
Tensile strength      

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE* Excellent Good Fair Poor
FEP / PFA  has near univeral chemical resistance

  • -75 to 500 °F (PFA w/ Silicone Core)
  • This operating range is highly dependent on the jacket and core combination. Ask your sales representative for specific temperature ranges for your selected product.

*Excellent, good, fair and poor are intended to serve as general guidelines only. Actual testing in the application environment is always recommended.