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Fluorocarbon 90 Boss Seal Kit


RT Dygert Part Number: K212X20F90

Fluorocarbon rubber is preferred over nitrile when high operating temperatures and/or harsh chemical environments are encountered. Fluorocarbon also performs well in a variety of fuels, dilute acids and bases, and a multitude of hydrocarbons. It also has outstanding resistance to atmospheric ozone and oxidation.

For more information on fluorocarbon visit RT Dygert's fluorocarbon material description. 

Our K212X20F90 includes the following AS568 O-Ring sizes and quantities:

10 pcs each: 901 through 904
12 pcs each: 905 through 910
10 pcs each: 911 through 914, 916 ,918, 920, 924, 928 , 932