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The Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS B 2401) lists 194 sizes of O-Rings which are unique to Japan's automotive and manufacturing industries.

Our kit contains an assortment of 36 popular JIS sizes, totaling 380 O-Rings in all.  The provided contents identification card shows dimensions in both inches and millimeters, the JIS part number, and silhouettes of each ring.  The O-Rings in the kit are made of a top quality, industrial grade 70 durometer Nitrile (Buna-N) compound that meets both JIS and ASTM material specifications.

Material: 70 Durometer Nitrile

JIS sizes and quantities include: 

25 each: P3(2.8x1.9)
20 each: P4(3.8x1.9), P5(4.8x1.9), P6(5.8x1.9)
15 each: P7(6.8x1.9), P8(7.8x1.9), P9(8.8x1.9), P10(9.8x1.9)
15 each: P10A(9.8x2.4), P11(10.8x2.4), P11.2(11x2.4)
12 each: P12(11.8.x2.4), P12.5(12.3x2.4), P14(13.8x2.4), P15(14.8x2.4), P16(15.8x2.4)
  8 each: P18(17.8x2.4), P20(19.8x2.4), P21(20.8x2.4), P22(21.8x2.4)
  7 each: P24(23.7x3.5), P25(24.7x3.5), P25.5(25.2x3.5), P26(25.7x3.5), P-28(27.7x3.5), G30(29.4x3.1)
  6 each: G25(24.4x3.1), V24(23.5x4), P29(28.7x3.5), P29.5(29.2x3.5),P30(29.7x3.5), P31(30.7x3.5),  P31.5(31.2x3.5)
  5 each: P22A(21.7x3.5), P22.4(22.1x3.5)
  4 each: V15(14.5x4)


Japanese Metric Nitrile 70

AS568 O-Ring Kit. This assortment is available in Nitrile 70; Nitrile 90; Fluorocarbon 75 and brown Fluorocarbon 75. More