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NSF 51 Compounds


NSF International prides itself as, “The Public Health and Safety Organization.” Specifically, this non-profit organization establishes and certifies public safety and hygiene standards for manufacturing materials that ultimately come into contact with food and water. It also provides testing for these specifications and certifies compliant products with its registered mark.

NSF 51 specifically applies to manufacturing materials that come in contact with food, both solid and liquid. It is one of the most important standards in the rubber industry due to its public safety and hygiene standards, which apply to materials and coatings used in piping, seals, gaskets, valves and more. NSF 51 certification has strict criteria and rigid testing requirements for food processing materials. (NSF 61 applies to drinking water.) RT Dygert can assist you in selecting or creating the right sealing products for your specific application so they meet NSF 51 requirements.

Conformance to NSF International is voluntary, however it has become the industry standard in the U.S. where Its mark on the product can gain instant acceptance. It also improves product acceptance worldwide.

In addition to NSF 51, these materials are also 3A Sanitary listed and comply with 21CFR 177-2600, "Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated Use" (with food).

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EPDM E-7042 - Gray                            
NBR N-7086 - Black
Viton™ F-7044 - Black
Viton™ F-7045 - Green
Silicone S-7015 - Clear
Silicone S-7021 - Clear