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NSF 61 Compounds


NSF International is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate public health and safety standards, and to provide testing services to those standards. Although conformance to these standards is voluntary, in many industries NSF International standards have become the de facto benchmark for consumer product acceptability.

In the rubber industry, the most important standard by far is "NSF Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects". Rubber compounds submitted to NSF undergo rigorous testing to determine whether any contaminants leach or migrate from the material when in long term contact with drinking water, and if so, whether the level of migration is acceptable from a public health viewpoint.

RT Dygert is pleased to present a multitude of NSF Standard 61 certified compounds per the following table. In all cases, these compounds also comply with FDA requirements per 21CFR, 177-2600, a-d. For more information about NSF, please visit or call our sales department.

E-5019 50 durometer, peroxide cured
E-6006 60 durometer EPDM
E-6026 60 durometer, high & low temperature service
E-6502 65 durometer EPDM
E-7013 70 durometer EPDM
E-7020 70 durometer EPDM, peroxide cured, high and low temperature service
E-7039 70 durometer EPDM, purple color
E-7045 70 durometer EPDM, low compression set
E-7050 70 durometer EPDM, chloramine resistant
E-7053 70 durometer, WRAS, ACS
E-7056 70 durometer, high tear strength
E-7057 70 durometer, ?high tensile strength, peroxide cure


70 durometer EPDM, peroxide cured
E-8005 80 durometer EPDM
E-8006 80 durometer EPDM, peroxide cured
E-8012 80 durometer, peroxided cured, low temperature
E-9003 90 durometer EPDM, peroxide cured
N-5007 50 durometer nitrile
N-6010 60 durometer nitrile
N-7027 70 durometer nitrile, low compression set
N-7039 70 durometer nitrile
N-7097 70 durometer, low water swell
N-7098 70 durometer
N-7503 75 durometer nitrile
N-8004 80 durometer nitrile
S-4005 40 durometer silicone
S-6004 60 durometer silicone
S-7004 70 durometer silicone
S-7008 70 durometer silicone, low compression set
S-7025 70 durometer, low compression set
S-8002 80 durometer silicone