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Case Study - the real deal


Some say, “If something can go wrong, it will.” Not if we’re in the loop. From design to delivery to unparalleled performance, RT Dygert’s reputation for flawless products and service spans decades.

But accidents happen (not on our watch) and we’ve been called upon for some challenging, often disastrous situations, from skyscrapers swaying in the wind to oil spills gushing into the ocean. These are complex and urgent dilemmas that can’t be solved by simply ordering a part number on a rush basis. As you’ll see in these examples, our engineers have to immediately gather every piece of information that the seal has to perform under, then determine the exact materials, makeup and specifications to quickly create and deliver the perfect seal in the least amount of time.

Hopefully, your emergencies will be minor in nature where RT Dygert already stocks the right part for the job and delivers overnight. But if you have a major problem, trust us for a timely and perfect solution.

RT Dygert Compound N-7045 – A Savings in Cost and Efficiency
Deepwater Disaster Rescue – Seals 5000 Feet Underwater
Swaying Skyscraper Solution – Sealing a Windy Situation